Find Your Soulmate

“Get more intentional about dating. It is never too late to fall in love”.

The Elite Matchmaker Dubai provides a high-end matchmaking and dating coaching service to the most elite clientele in the UAE seeking marriage or serious relationships.

As a matchmaker, I recognize the challenges my clients face here in Dubai when looking for their significant other. Often, the standards and expectations for an ideal partner do not quite match with the quality of available dating prospects, making us question if we are being overly selective or conclude that all the good ones are already taken.

We may think that if we get out there and network, the person we are looking for, will eventually appear.

The challenge is that many of us in Dubai are too busy and can’t seem to fit networking into our schedules.

For some clients despite a desire to find a relationship and have time to meet new people, there is something that is holding them back. It could be a lack of confidence, body image, social anxiety or previous relationships which left them fearing commitment and feeling like they can no longer trust or are afraid to open up and give love another chance.

When working with a client, I get an understanding of what my client is looking for in a partner. I may ask them about their preference regarding background, age, personality traits, physical attributes, and interests.

If the client has any personal barriers to dating, I offer 1 to 1 coaching session which is designed to work through any challenges and help the client get ready for a relationship.

My work as a matchmaking agent is to personally meet a number of potential matches and select the most suitable ones to meet my client.

Elite Matchmaker Dubai provides quality personalized service that cannot be achieved by larger matchmaking agencies, where clients are lost or get passed around.

My main goal as a Matchmaker and a Dating Coach is to prioritize the quality of service by taking time to develop relationships with my clients. I am the only person to who my clients speak to.  I ensure my availability to answer any queries and I maintain regular contact with my clients via calls or texts.


How do I start?

The process begins with a phone call. We discuss your matchmaking and dating requirements in more detail and address any questions you may have. The next step is a face-to-face consultation, where your dating journey really starts.

I use proven matchmaking and coaching strategies along with intuition to find you, your ideal partner.



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