Career Coaching

Turn your unique gifts into your dream job.

“Allow your passion to become your purpose”.

Are you a highly ambitious person who has reached a crossroads in your career?

Do you see yourself as someone who makes things happen? You have a natural ability to solve problems and create outstanding results in what you do but for a while, you have been feeling stuck and unfulfilled. You know deep down that you have much greater potential, but something is holding you back from taking the needed steps to change your career direction.

If this sounds like you, let me help you figure out your escape plan! – intro: next steps

As your coach, I can help you

  • Define your strengths and talents
  • Identify and overcome beliefs that are holding you back
  • Believe in yourself and your potential until you can do that for yourself
  • Understand your values so that you can create a vision of a career path that fulfills you
  • Build and execute a plan that leads to changing your career direction
  • Become assertive and confident about your career development

Career Coaching is available as a 3- or 6-month package.

The first session is a 45-minute Discovery Session and is designed to set objectives and define what a successful career will look like for you.

The following sessions are 60-minutes long. The frequency of sessions is agreed upon during the Coaching Discovery Session.

Once you complete the 3- or 6-month programme, we can schedule additional / less frequent coaching sessions, which will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.


Career coaching sessions can take place face-to-face or online. I also offer sessions on-site or travel – contact me for more info.




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