Life Coaching2

Are you feeling lost and stuck in your life?

You are going through a major life transition, you may have lost motivation, and purpose, and maybe you ask yourself – is this it, clearly there should be more to life.

You find yourself happy… sometimes but those moments do not last very long.

You wonder… is there something wrong with me… and why do I feel empty, like something is missing. One moment you feel confident, the next you doubt your abilities, and lost faith that you can have a great future.

You attempted to distract yourself and substitute happiness with instant relationships, stimulants, material things or perhaps you focused so much on work that you do not have time to think and feel.

You really tried to be strong and deal with your problems, but it feels like you are going around in circles.

If this resonates with you, it is time…

To regain your power and start thriving!

You owe it to yourself to be happy.

It does not matter if you are dealing with a job loss, identity crisis, divorce, a relocation,
or having to make a difficult decision

I can help you gain clarity and get out of this limbo.

Life Coaching is available as a 3- or 6-month package.

The first session is a 45-minute Discovery Session and is designed to set objectives to help you lead a successful life.

The following sessions are 60-minutes long. The frequency of sessions is agreed upon during the Coaching Discovery Session.

Once you complete the 3- or 6-month programme, we can schedule additional / less frequent coaching sessions, which will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.


Life coaching sessions can take place face-to-face or online. I also offer sessions on-site or travel – click here for more info.

Life Coaching is a step-by-step framework that helps you reconnect with yourself.

Part of our work includes opening your heart chakra.

You will be able to learn about your compassionate side. You will notice that your negative emotions, such as fear, resentment, anger start to diminish.

You will be able to let go and restore your hope. Healing your heart will make you more open. You will start believing in your potential and your dreams again. It will also allow you to trust yourself more so you can make better decisions and choices that create a life that you will truly love.

After completing this programme, you will become empowered, motivated to finally act on your dreams and experience true freedom.